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The First Luxury SUV from Genesis: The Genesis GV80 Near Dallas

Genesis GV80 is an ideal car to drive in Irving because it can perform optimally in all road conditions. Its incredible capabilities come from its engines since they are mighty, meaning they provide the car with sufficient power to function optimally. This car also has impressive safety features that are essential in preventing accidents on the road. They also make the car relatively easy to drive since they guide the driver when making critical decisions. Its design symbolizes pure luxury because of how elegant it is. In general, we have outlined some impressive features that make this car impressive for Dallas drivers.

Why Buy the Genesis G8V0

What's new for 2022 GV80

While little has changed this year for the GV80, a few things are worth noting. A new Prestige Matte trim is available, and it replaces the exterior's glossy chrome and paints finishes with the flat matte paint job. Also new this year is the Prestige Signature trim that creates a spacious four-seat interior by replacing the rear seats with a pair of power-adjustable captain's chairs and adding luxury features such as a wireless smartphone charging pad for passengers in the back.

Impressive Luxury

When you hear the term 'luxury SUV', a certain experience comes to mind. The Genesis GV80 uses that as a baseline and goes even further to give Dallas drivers a premium SUV experience that rivals even the most top-line models. Your luxury experience starts with premium leather upholstery wrapping the seats, dash, and door trim. You'll love the supple feel and classy look, and things just get better from there.

For instance, those premium leather seats can be both heated and ventilated to give you the ideal level of comfort no matter the conditions. When the Texas heat is roasting everything around you, ventilated seats will ensure you stay cool behind the wheel. The four-zone automatic climate control helps both you and the rear seat passengers stay comfortable no matter what, while the power panoramic moonroof provides you with a beautiful view of the sky above.

The interior of this vehicle is exceptional because it looks elegant and luxurious, meaning that it offers its users comfort like no other. The materials on the seats of this car are of high-quality, giving this car a unique appearance, and at the same time, it also helps enhance its comfort. Genesis GV80 has a reasonable seating capacity, and the seats also have ample spacing between them. Furthermore, the seats and the steering wheel have a heating and cooling function, which helps raise or lower the car's temperature, depending on the prevailing weather conditions in Texas. Other touches such as real wood inlays and ambient interior lighting round out your high-end experience with a true attention to detail.

Incredible Confidence

With remote start, you can get a head start on beating that Texas heat with your new Genesis GV80. Simply start the engine using your keyfob and you'll be giving your climate control system a head start on cooling off your interior.

Once you're behind the wheel, the heads-up display puts the most important information you'll need between the dash and the windshield for easy viewing without taking your eyes off the road. You'll see your speed, any relevant road sign information, and even navigation instructions on the HUD so you can stay better focused on the road ahead.

Built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology make it easier than ever to stay connected while you're on the go. These apps will mirror your smartphone to the infotainment display with the same icons and symbols you already know. You can even access third party apps such as Spotify, WhatsApp, and Pandora, giving you a complete smartphone experience. Voice recognition means you can use your smartphone to its fullest without ever picking it up, including responding to text messages.

Keeping your phone charged is a breeze as well, thanks to the wireless phone charging pad you'll find in the center console. Simply drop your phone here and it will begin charging automatically, and you'll never have to clutter your interior with messy cables ever again.

The new GV80 also comes with the lauded Smart Park feature, which allows you to slip your full-size SUV into tight spaces using the keyfob, so you can get out and not worry about dinging your doors on the cars around you.


This SUV is powered by a potent V-6 engine with a horsepower of 300 and a capacity of 2.5 liters. Moreover, drivers in Forth Worth now have a chance of going with a more potent powertrain delivering 375 horsepower and a capacity of 3.5 liters. These powertrains are efficient in powering this car, giving it sufficient energy, even in the most difficult road conditions. Both engines come as standard two-wheel-drive, but you can always upgrade them to all-wheel-drive so that you experience better performance. Primarily, when a car is in the all-wheel-drive model, it can accelerate well in all road conditions outside Plano.

Additionally, Genesis GV80 has an impressive performance for various road conditions, as it has an incredible suspension that can suck up any disturbance when the car is in motion, which ensures that the people inside the car have a comfortable ride. Its steering is also precise, which makes the handling of this car to be excellent. Furthermore, its braking system is excellent since it has a good brake fluid, meaning no chance that the braking system can fail.

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