Explore Our Luxurious Genesis Sedan Models

Genesis vehicles are the pinnacle of timeless luxury with classic designs and high-end features. Shop our amazing selection of used Genesis sedans in Irving. Our selection of used Genesis sedans includes many popular models to shop for and explore.

Genesis Sedan Models

Our used Genesis sedan inventory includes G70, G80, and G90 models. The G70 is a compact sedan, the G80 a mid-size, and the G90 full-size. Each of these vehicles offers a classic style, performance, and capability for easy driving on the streets around Dallas and unique technology and safety features. Newer models feature luxury interiors, digital driver information screens, and a digital display that keeps you connected to your world with the touch of a button with Bluetooth connectivity.

Shopping Our Used Sedan Inventory

There are many benefits for you to reap when you choose to shop our used Genesis sedan inventory around Fort Worth. When you shop used, you can get into the Genesis vehicle of your dreams without breaking the bank. A brand-new Genesis model is a luxurious vehicle with a luxurious price point, with a cost that may be unaffordable for many drivers. A used model can be priced substantially less, offering incredible savings.

When you shop used, you can also find features and styles that may no longer be available. Over time, things are changed or removed in these vehicle models. With a used option, you can get the things you want no matter what is or isn't available in a new model. Plus, we offer a high-quality certified pre-owned inventory.

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For more information about our used Genesis sedan inventory or to confirm the models we have available on hand, contact us at Genesis of Irving today. Our finance team is ready to help. You can also reach us at our website to get the search for a Genesis sedan you love started today.